What about fuel?

Remember to always return the car with 25% tank. Need to refuel? Use the fuel card in the car!

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Curious about refueling? Remember these things and you are good to go!

  • Always return the car with no less than 25% tank

  • A fuel card is located in the sun visor on the passenger side in the car

  • Find the pin code in your reservation details in the app!

Don't forget to refuel! At the end of your reservation, we expect you to return the car with no less than 25% tank of fuel. To secure that you nor other users have to start their reservation by refueling the car, it's important that you check the fuel tank and refuel the car after each reservation.

Fuel is included in the price. If you need to refuel, a fuel card is available in all cars. The fuel card is placed on the sun visor on the passenger side of the car, and you can use it as needed during your trip. In your reservation details in the app, pin code, fuel info, and information about where the fuel card is valid is found.

If you drive an electric car, charging during your trip is not included in the price. Read more about charging here.

Is the fuel card missing? If you need to refuel the car, but the fuel card is missing, please refuel the car at your own expense and take the receipt. Then reach out to the Customer Care team in the chat with a picture of the receipt, and we’ll repay you for the cost and replace the missing fuel card with a new.

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