When using Volvo On Demand, it is good to know that you:

  • Make all reservations in the app– this is also where you unlock the car

  • Return the car at the same station as you picked it up

  • Cancel your reservation for free 4 hours before your journey starts. If you drive with Premium you can cancel 30 minutes before your journey starts

  • Can drive the cars in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland

Make your reservations in the app. The minimum time for a reservation is one hour, but there is no maximum length for a reservation. You can book any car model you want and also book a V60 with a towbar.

Unlock the car in the app. The digital key is available a while before your journey begins. Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your phone. There are charging cords for different units in the cars.

Changed plans. We have made it easy for you to change the times of an upcoming or ongoing booking directly in the app. You can cancel a trip completely free of charge 4 hours before it starts. Read more about what applies when changing times and cancellations here.

Are you planning to go abroad? If you want to travel outside Scandinavia and Finland, you are welcome to contact us. The price includes the congestion tax in Sweden, but please note that Ă–resundsbron is not included. Keep in mind that you need to pay tolls outside Sweden yourself.

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