• Return your car at the same station as you picked it up

  • Lock the car and end the reservation in the app

  • Refuel the car if the fuel level is under 25%

Drop-off the car at the same station as you picked it up. Park your car at one of the available parking spots. If all our spots are taken, you can park at a nearby location and let us know the parking area code through the app and we'll sort out the parking fee.

Lock the car and end your reservation. We will remind you to check the car one extra time to ensure that you haven't forgotten anything when you end your reservation. Check the boxes in the list when you're ready.

Parking during your reservation
At the moment, parking at stations during a reservation is not allowed.

Remember to fuel the car before returning it. Check the cars fuel level and to refuel if it's under 1/4. Read more about fueling here.

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