Sometimes the plans change, and you may need to update when the reservation should start or end. Remember that you can:

  • Cancel your reservation for free 4 hours before your journey starts. If you drive with Premium you can cancel 30 min before your journey starts

  • Change an upcoming booking in the app

  • Extend the end time for an ongoing trip in the app if the car is available

Cancel a reservation. You can cancel your reservation for free 4 hours before your journey starts. If you cancel your booking within 4 hours, you will pay 50%. If you cancel your booking after it started, you will pay for the full booking. Please note that this applies regardless of how long your original booking is.

Premium: If you drive with Premium you have access to our feature - 30 min cancellation. That means that there is no charge if you cancel at least 30 minutes in advance instead of 4 hours. Read more here!

Change an upcoming booking. Edit or delete an upcoming reservation in the booking details in the app. Find all your reservations in the Calendar view and then click on the booking you want to edit. From here, you can change time, stations, and car model.

Running late? Usually, you can extend the end time of your booking directly in the app. When you extend your journey you pay for the extended time in minutes. If you can't prolong the reservation by yourself and you're late to drop-off the car, you need to contact Customer Care.

Remember that you pay for your entire booking even if you return the car before the end of the booking. For Premium, you receive up to one hour early return discount on reservations up to 8 hours.

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