The most important thing you need to know about damages/injuries:

  • Check the car for damage before starting the journey

  • Report all new damages to our team right away

  • Contact us directly if anything happens during your booking

Check for any damage before starting your trip. Each car has a digital damage log that you find in the booking details under. If you discover a damage, you can start by checking if it's mentioned in the log. If you find the damage on the list, you don't have to do anything.

Have you found a new damage that wasn't included in the damage log? Chat our team through the app and send us pictures on the damage. Report a new damage immediately after you find it. You are never responsible for any damage that you report before your trip and that the previous driver may have caused.

If an accident occurs during your booking, please contact our Customer Care team by using the chat or calling us +46 8-580 974 54. It's good to know that your car is insured. We will ask you to send pictures and describe what happened.

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