We’re bringing you more cars in more cities. Here’s how:

  • You are now able to reserve and drive cars in Gothenburg, Borås, Malmö, Lund, Stockholm, Uppsala, and their surrounding areas.

  • There are over 220 stations in Gothenburg and 150 in Malmö.

  • The app and service will run in the same way for all cities.

From when can I start making reservations for Gothenburg and Malmö?

You can make reservations now! You'll find more info on specific stations here.

How many stations will you have in Gothenburg and Malmö?

Over 200 stations in Gothenburg
Over 150 stations in Malmö

Creating the M stations is a gradual process. It takes a few days after the launch in each city for us to have a full service in operation, so please bear with us!

Will the service be the same in all cities?

Yes! Choose between the same range of Volvo cars: XC40, V60, XC90. You will also be able to choose a V60 with a towbar. 

Reserve from an hour to as long as you need. Unlock the car with a simple swipe in the app. Return the car to where you picked it up when you’re done.

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