• You'll find the new prices in the app from March 4, 2020

  • Your price plan will be updated automatically next time it renews

  • If you have a reservation in March, the price estimate may change depending on the renewal date of your price plan

New pricing model

Previously, we included 300 km per reservation. From March 4, 2020, you'll pay for what you drive (2 SEK/km), giving you more control over the cost of each trip.

You'll still have fixed prices per hour, day, weekend, and week. These will be lowered accordingly. Fuel, insurance, and tolls will be included just like before. If you pay a monthly fee, it will stay the same. Your discount code will continue to apply to the new price plans. Note that if you change plans, you will need to re-enter your discount code.

What happens now?

You'll find the new prices in the app on March 4, and your price plan will be automatically updated when it renews. You'll find your renewal date under your account setting in the app.

Reservations in March

If you already have a reservation made for March, please note that the price estimate may change, depending on the renewal date for your price plan.

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