Interested in Business, but unsure which plan would best fit your organization’s administrative and driving needs? Here’s a short guide:

  • Start is ideally suited to small teams that need occasional access to cars for work

  • Go is a smart choice for small-medium sized organizations in need of some additional payment options such as monthly invoice

  • Drive is designed to cater to large organizations with frequent driving usage and more administrative functionality

Start is ideally suited to small teams looking for a flexible way to access cars for work every now and then. There’s no monthly fee, and you can register your organization online in minutes. Payment is made by credit card after every individual trip. Prefer invoice? Check out our Go and Drive plans.

Getting started with Start is easy. Sign up online here.

If you’re a small-medium sized organization making approximately one trip per week with a car, then Go is probably the plan for you. The monthly fee gives you access to all the benefits of the Start plan, but with more administrative functionality and additional payment options, including:

  • Choice between credit card or invoice

  • Payment after every trip or aggregated once per month

Hourly and day rates are also lower on Go than on Start. 

Drive is specially designed for large organizations with frequent driving usage and the need for extended functionality and more advanced payment options.

Want to learn more? Compare all of the plans and their key features by scrolling down to the price comparison table on our website. There, you can also get in touch with us about the Go and Drive plan by clicking on the Contact us button under the comparison.

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