After thinking long and hard about how refueling should work with M, we've decided to lower the minimum fuel level when you return a car, from 50% to 25%. 

With the new rules, more trips can be made before it's time to refuel. This will be especially beneficial for short trips when you haven't necessarily planned for a detour to the gas station. Also, fewer trips to fuel mean less environmental impact, which is, of course, hugely important to us.

Isn't 25% too low?
The new rule doesn't mean you will always get a car with 25% fuel. Should you get a car with 25% fuel, you can still drive 200 km before needing to top up.

Does this mean I will always get a car with 25% fuel?
With the current rule (50%), our cars have an average of 70% fuel at the start of a reservation. With the new rule, we expect the average to be about 50%.

Does this mean I will always have to refuel when I start my trip?
No. In the worst case, you get a car with 25% fuel, which still lets you drive as much as 200km. Then, of course, you'll need to refuel at some point in order to return the car with 25% fuel.  

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