As many of us adjust our plans to spend more time in Sweden this summer, M is offering some special rates to support your extended travel during the holidays. 

  • The offer applies to reservations starting between 1 June and 15 August 2020. 
  • We have special rates for all plans. To get your best price, please make sure you have the Large price plan active when the reservation starts.
  • Summer reservations on 1-4 weeks are still available in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo for July-Aug.

What are the special rates for the extended summer trips?

2 week reservation
Small - 7495 SEK (reg. price 7990 SEK)
Lagom - 6995 SEK (reg. price 7590 SEK)
Large - 5870 SEK (reg. price 5990 SEK)

3 week reservation
Small - 9495 SEK (reg. price 11985 SEK)
Lagom - 8995 SEK (reg. price 11385 SEK)
Large - 7997 SEK (reg. price 8985 SEK)

4 week reservation
Small - 10495 SEK (reg. price 15980 SEK)
Lagom - 9995 SEK (reg. price 15180 SEK)
Large - 8985 SEK (reg. price 11980 SEK)

What is included in the price?
All prices are excluding the monthly fee (195 SEK/month for the Lagom plan, and 895 SEK/month for the Large plan). In addition to the weekly rate, you'll pay 2 SEK per kilometer. Fuel and insurance are included as always.

When can I reserve a summer car?
The offer applies to all extended reservations that start between 1 June and 15 August 2020. Since this offer is valid for a limited number of cars, we recommend making your reservation already now!


July-Aug: 1-4 week rentals still available

Gothenburg and Malmö

July and Aug: Reservations from 1-4 weeks still available

Which cars does this offer include?
All our stations and car models are included, so pick the one that suits you the best.

How can I take advantage of this offer?
You can reserve your extended trip on your current plan now. To get the best price, please make sure you have the Large price plan active during the entire time that you use the car for your extended trip this summer. You can go ahead and make your reservation now, but remember to upgrade to Large before the extended reservation starts.

Can I park at the M stations during my summer reservation?
Unfortunately no. We need access to the parking spots so we can add more cars if required during the summer.

What is the cancelation policy if my summer plans change?
For reservations longer than one week during our summer offer period (June 1 - August 15), you can cancel up to 2 weeks before the trip, at no cost. If you cancel less than two weeks before, you’ll pay half the amount. If you cancel after your reservation has started, you’ll pay the full amount.

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