Great! That means you can reserve cars on the Lagom plan, whenever and wherever you want. M is available on hundreds of stations across Sweden's largest cities.

Here's how to get started

  1. Download the M app

  2. Create an account

  3. Enter your campaign code (you'll get it from your BRF) and pick the Lagom plan.

  4. Done! You're ready to plan your first trip.

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Since there's no monthly fee for you, you only pay for the hours and kilometers you drive. Fuel, tolls, and insurance with excess reduction are always included. Should you need help, Customer Care is always open, by chat or phone.

If you reserve our XC90 model or Polestar 2 an extra charge will be added.

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Most properties have an M station on the premises or just around the corner. But you're free to reserve cars from any M station.

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Good to know

When the campaign code expires, you'll pay the regular monthly fee of 195 SEK/month on the Lagom plan. This offer is valid for as long as you are a resident in your current BRF and for as long as the BRF has a contract with M. Should you move, you need to remove the campaign code from your M account.

More about the offer

Many developers offer free membership in carpools when they build new properties. It helps the transition to shared mobility so we can have fewer cars in our cities and more room for parks instead of parking lots.

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