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What about charging the battery during my trip?
What about charging the battery during my trip?
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At the start of your trip, enter your planned destination in the built-in navigation system (Google Maps), and the car will tell you the best route and when and where to charge.

Note that not all charging stations are free of charge. Several charging providers have dedicated apps for payment methods, and often, you need an account to use them.

We don't provide any payment support for charging during your trip, it's up to you to decide where to charge.

There are two portable charging cables in the front trunk (frunk) of the car.

Type 2 for day to day charging and Schuko with a household connector. Always check the requirements before plugging in the Schuko cable, many household sockets don’t support charging of cars.

For rapid charging CCS, use the cable provided by the charging station.

When charging during a trip, always bring the portable cables with you in the car.

One more thing; there is no need to charge the car before you return it, just plug in the charging cable at the station before you end your reservation.

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