• If the car would need service during your reservation you’ll receive a notice from us.

  • You book an appointment and drive the car to the workshop–we cover the costs.

  • If the car breaks down during your reservation, please report it to Customer Care and they will help you further.

I have received a notice about service, what do I do now?

All cars need regular service. If you’d receive a notice that it is time for service, you book an appointment at one of our Volvo authorized workshops and drive the car to the workshop–we cover the costs.

Good to know: When it is time for service, you’ll receive an email with instructions about how and where you book an appointment.

What happens if the car needs service or breaks down when driving?

If a damage occurs and the car needs service, it is important that you report the damage–simply report it in the app or by contacting Customer Care. When driving with Volvo On Demand, a full insurance with excess reduction is always included. Read more about insurance and damage reporting here.

For more information, please contact Customer Care!

Open 24/7, by chat or phone.

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