• Get access to a car for a longer time with Volvo On Demand–BETA.

  • Limited amount of cars for monthly reservations.

  • The beta testing is carried out in Stockholm before we place cars in other large cities in Sweden.

What does BETA mean?

When companies launch new services, they often do it through beta testing. We are now testing a smarter way of having a car for a longer time–a monthly reservation for you who drives regularly. As a user, you can help us form the final edition.

Do I get full access to the service when I make a monthly reservation during the beta test?

The ones that are using the service will get full access to it. However, monthly reservations can only be made in Stockholm at the moment.

How does monthly reservation work?

You’re making a reservation from 30 days to as long as you want. After 12 months with the same car, a new reservation has to be made. The reservation will be renewed every 30 days until you choose to end the reservation. It can be seen as a car subscription, and it should feel like having your own car without the hassle that comes with ownership. You make a reservation exactly as simple as usual through the app. Read more about monthly reservations here.

Can anyone make a reservation?

When making a monthly reservation, the same rules apply as in our other services–you need to be at least 20 years old, registered in Sweden, have no payment complaints and have an annual income of at least SEK 150,000. Just keep in mind that the beta testing is carried out in Stockholm.

Can I reserve the car in Stockholm but use it in other cities?

Yes, you can reserve och pick up the car in Stockholm and use it in other cities in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Keep in mind that the car should be returned to the same spot you picked it up–in Stockholm.

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